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Antibiotics in Veterinary Dentistry

LIVE webinar to help you decide when, and if, you should use antibiotics in your dental patient

Antibiotic therapy has traditionally been considered a pillar treatment in veterinary denistry, but do we have the evidence to support their frequent use in our dental patients?

The oral cavity has a diverse and prolific bacterial population. Plaque bacteria are certainly the inciting cause for many dental diseases, but what is the best way to defeat this powerful enemy in the veterinary patient?

This webinar will help answer the many questions surrounding antimicrobial use in the veterinary dental patient:

What are the trending thoughts of board-cetified veterinary dentists? Should antibiotics be used for routine dental cleanings and extractions? Should they be standard therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease? What dental cases are they truly beneficial for? What role has the veterinary profession played in the global antimicrobial resistance? What is on the horizon in dental antimicrobial therapy for dogs and cats?

This 1 Hour RACE Approved Interactive Webinar Will Help You:

  • Better understand the history of antibiotic use in veterinary dentistry
  • Challenge some of the traditional thoughts on antibiotic therapy in the dental patient
  • Learn more about the true risk of bacteremia associated with dental disease and oral procedures
  • Develop a strategy for appropriate antibiotic therapy in veterinary dental cases and avoid their overuse
  • Don’t miss this one hour webinar opportunity to earn CE credits!


Dr Vall - Instructor Offering Veterinary Dental CE 2020


Patrick Vall

Patrick Vall, DVM, DAVDC is born and raised Buckeye and graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He spent the first 17 years of his career in general practice and emergency medicine. In 2015 he followed his passion and became board certified by the American Verterinary Dental College. He became the owner of Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery in 2017. Dr. Vall is a past president of the Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society.