Advanced Surgical Extractions and Periodontal Surgery in Dogs

05/06/2022, 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Past course participants frequently ask us for more advanced training. Recognizing oral pathology and knowing what surgical intervention to apply is one of the most challenging aspects of veterinary dentistry for general practitioners. The Advanced Surgical Extractions and Periodontal Surgery in Dogs course is designed for veterinarians with that specific objective. While not required, it is highly encouraged that doctors take both introduction courses prior to registering for Advanced Surgical Extractions and Periodontal Surgery in Dogs for the best learning experience.

The morning lecture will focus on recognizing oral pathology, radiographic interpretation and indications for surgical extractions. Surgical extraction techniques for maxillary upper 4th premolars and molars along with mandibular canines and 1st molars will also be covered.

Closed root planing will be briefly reviewed in the lecture, followed by an in-depth discussion of open root planing and guided tissue regeneration for more advanced periodontal pockets. This often indicated and invaluable treatment of periodontal disease in general medicine will be demonstrated and practiced in the afternoon wet lab section.

Students in the afternoon wet lab will practice surgical extraction techniques and have hands-on guidance with 2 instructors directing students in these extraction techniques.

A new surgical instrument pack will be provided to each student through Dentalaire.

Magnification beyond drop down “optivisors” is extremely helpful. Please bring yours to the class if you have it. Otherwise, we will have magnification available for you.

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